Sacred Games Season 1 – A quick review

Pinch me, for i must be dreaming. Or am i? Nope! This shit is for real. And I’m fucking ecstatic.
To the uninitiated, Sacred Games – the show, is based on Vikram Chandra’s book by the same name (Go read the book as well). In essence, it’s a crime thriller, about Bombay, grounded in so much human social reality & truth, it will leave you humbled. Also, every charachter is so deliciously Machiavellian, that it warms the dark cockles of my cold heart.
I consume an abnormal level of content, mostly in video form. I create content, in video form. And i have been reveling in the afterglow of the golden period in western television genre. Hannibal, Community, GoT, Westworld, Rick & Morty, Breaking Bad, the list will go on for quite a while if i will let it. But if you haven’t noticed, there isn’t any Indian content in there. And that’s because, to my extremely biased and somewhat earned opinion, Indian TV sucks donkeyballs. In terms of production, storyline, script, cinematography talent, craft, or pretty much any parameter you judge video content on. Until, Sacred Games.
You know, we grew up in a society where Tamas was a thing, where legends like Gulzar & Benegal made TV. We tuned in to find quality, substance and learning from TV. My whole life has been in the love of the screen, thus i grew up to become a writer. Albeit, in advertising, so i won’t judge you if you saw corruption in my soul. But i come from Dekh Bhai Dekh & Mr. Yogi & Hum Panchii ek Chaal Ke etc. There was actual talent in the small screen. And somehow, while i was intently looking & learning from the global makers, those spaces here got filled with charlatans & Kapil Sharmas of the world. Add to it, the lack of spine on the channel’s side to try anything new, and the audience inertia; combined with a culturally digressing society with it’s new decency laws & censorship programs, and you have the toothless, characterless, mindless entertainment that beams through our idiot boxes.
And there comes Sacred Games, and fucking blows my apathy out of the park so hard, that it actually changes the game. Okay, listen, before you think I’m blowing that show too hard, please know i have a lot of nitpicks with the narrative. I have continuity issues, and i have issues with some of the casting choices. But i will look past that, i will look the right fucking past all that. And into why i think it’s a momentous occasion for Indian creators, and way of me apologizing for have had doubted that oppression of any kind, will result in either violence or artist expressions something fierce. And Sacred Games is, it’s fierce, it’s unapologetic & it gets nudity right. Not sleazy, not the usual Grade B Bollywood shame fuck.
I like the social commentary, i like how it shows the Indian landscape, i like the naturally flowing dialogues that don’t reek of mediocre writing, or cheap innuendos. It’s blunt, it’s abrasive, it’s violent, and did i tell you about the swearing, i fucking love it! I guess we have Netflix to thank for the workaround the show creators got to bypass the stupid ass censorship laws we live under. And come up with our first ever globally bingeworthy TV show, on the same levels of Narcos. Which is a tall praise.
So good fucking job, Phantom Films; good fucking job Vikramaditya, Good fucking job Anurag Kashyap (loved your portion of Lust Stories as well). I’m relieved to say, i look forward to Season 2, don’t fuck it up! 🙂

#OpenKnowledgeSeries – Episode 3 (LYCRA India)

(You can download the deck from the link in the article below)

We all have had that one really bad relationship, the one we never speak of. The one that makes you spaz out & cringe if traces of it accidentally floats by your unprepared psyche. The place i made this deck at, is my moment of shame, my biggest professional mistake so far. To a point, that i actually scraped off all traces of it from, not just my resume, but also from the deck attached. So this one is not quite as pretty as used to be.

And just like in any toxic relationship, there were moments of accidental brilliance to this job as well. The pitch deck for Lycra India was one of those. It might not be the most visually provocative deck, but it’s rooted in a very big idea. It’s tangled, merged & melted in the idea of motion. May it be social, national, patriotic, entertaining or marketing; it was all conceived in motion. Read the deck, enjoy the idea & form your own opinion.


Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 4.16.01 PM

Brand – LYCRA India
Agency – A really bad one
CCO/CMD – You dont wanna know
Planner – Rohitash
Copy – Shubhit Saxena 

Art Dept – Sanjeev Kumar














तुम धूप हो
कभी ओस की बूँद पे चमकती हुई
कभी मरीचिका
गर्मियों के जलते दोपहर में
रास्तों को और लम्बा करती हुई
जला मैं भी
कभी होली के पापड़ की तरह
और कभी भुना मिला
भुट्टे की कालिख जैसे
सर्दिओं की दोपहरों में
अमरुद और संतरों के बीच
अपना बीज़ गिरा
मैं सूखा, पनपा
तुम्हारी तरफ पलटा
मेरा ठंडा बदन
सुकून सेकने
फिर भागा मैं
जलते लू से
वापस उसी अंधे कुएं में
जिससे निकला था
तुम्हे लपेटने को
अपने अंदर बाहर
अँधेरा बुरा सही
पर एक जानी पहचानी परछाई है
पर तुम
तुम्हे क्या कहूँ?
क्यूंकि तुम तो धूप हो।